World book day at Hightown primary school.

I had a wonderful time at Hightown this world book day. it was fab to see every one dressed up and throwing them selves in to the activates. my day started of in the nursery where I got to sail there pirate ship! I told them the story of a twisty turny tree and they helped a hat maker brav the monkey forest. Throughout the day I adventured around the school, we learned how to make soup with a stone, what was wrong with the kings ears and why you should NEVER shake hands with a troll(seriously NEVER EVER!!). then a final flurry of story’s for any one who wanted to listen. A disgruntled genie, foolish wishes and Jack amassing quest for a fish supper rounded off a day of tall tales told and well listened to. I hope every one there enjoyed my visit as much as I... read more

Going live!

Exiting times at Fanciful Worlds! website is ready to go, social media set up first gigs booked. read more

Francis Crossley

Lots of fun had at the Halifax Industrial museum. I spent the day as Francis Crossley, an amassing character who built the Dean Clough mill amongst many other Halifax landmarks. read more