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I have been working with children and in education for more than 20 years as a lecturer, foster carer, storyteller, community artist, performer and mad scientist.


  • Educator
  • Performer
  • Artist
  • Maker
  • Swordsman
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Story telling is, well, only part of my own story. Add artist, maker, creative and junk pioneer to the list and you’re getting warmer.

Where some people might see a skip – I see a glittering treasure trove of opportunity. With a little imagination, a little experimentation and a little ‘elbow grease’ I can create amazing things out of reclaimed materials. I create sculptures, props, costumes, armour, curios or even whole new worlds out of junk. Almost like a modern day Womble (except I don’t live underground – unless that’s part of the story of course).

Supporting children, young people (and not forgetting adults too) to play and to explore their imaginations is something I find hugely rewarding. Alongside art based projects, presenting science and engineering in exciting ways to encourage people to engage with it is also a passion of mine.

I also turn my hand to swordsmanship, have experience with a range of historical European weapons and can courageously run to the aid of anyone in a medieval heroic style.

As well as all of this encouraging others to learn and discover my family is incredibly important to me. You’re most likely to find us camping, visiting exciting new places (or re-discovering old places), running around the woods, making dens, building things and after all that activity getting some well earned rest!

Ross is a great story teller – he takes on the character of Sir Francis Crossley and bring him back to life through the living books concept – enthralling both adults and children alike with tales from the past. Ross is very entertaining and brings the stories alive. Elaine

Calderdale Libraries

Just some feedback from yesterday, I thought you were inspirational, the passion and pride you have for your work. I’ve worked for some large and small organisations across the globe. They would all be lucky to have someone like you in their business.

Louisa Green

Club Officer, Halifax Town FC

It clearly appeared that Ross was just fantastic with all children and found it easy to bring himself to a level that they could respond to. I was genuinely touched at the caring and kind nature of Ross and now zahra will always look out for him if we visit.

Nicola Clarke