Once Upon a Time...

A storyteller traversed the land. Taking audiences young and old on exciting adventures!

he spins tales, using all kinds of tricks to ignite the imagination.

He works with kings, trolls, troubadours and teachers, unlocking the stories within them and weaving them in to bespoke journeys filled with wisdom and truth.

He is a guide to those who would explore the dark deep woods, mysterious mountains or turbulent sea within the human heart.


Hello I am Ross. A story teller, creator and performer.

I have a wealth of tales at my disposal and I am always happy to add more if your event has a particular theme or topic. Alternatively we can develop bespoke sessions or workshops tailored to fit your needs.

I am very flexible and can run any thing from a simple sit-down telling to something more interactive or a full blown story-making session! I have an energetic and engaging style that carries my audiences on an adventure they won’t soon forget! Story telling is an ancient art and a powerful tool. Stories are the fiction that tells us the truth about the world and a way to teach that is interactive and fun.

Ross is a great story teller – he takes on the character of Sir Francis Crossley and bring him back to life through the living books concept – enthralling both adults and children alike with tales from the past. Ross is very entertaining and brings the stories alive. Elaine

Calderdale Libraries

Just some feedback from yesterday, I thought you were inspirational, the passion and pride you have for your work. I’ve worked for some large and small organisations across the globe. They would all be lucky to have someone like you in their business.

Louisa Green

Club Officer, Halifax Town FC

It clearly appeared that Ross was just fantastic with all children and found it easy to bring himself to a level that they could respond to. I was genuinely touched at the caring and kind nature of Ross and now zahra will always look out for him if we visit.

Nicola Clarke